fredag 17 januari 2020

GunzGame: Getting Started

I have set up an environment in Unity for the game that I am trying to make. The first thing that I have achieved, besides duplicate code, is to add a movable player with an accompanying camera. The plan is to have a third person view system. I will probably change the way that the camera moves in the Y-position. You see, I am moving it right now based on the mouse position and the screen size, but it will behave more uniformly across different computers with different screen sizes if I only use a mouse accelerometer instead. Even though a project always has the highest production rate in the beginning, I feel like it is possible for me to create a fully working game in Unity if I just continue coding stuff. There are a lot of potential "next steps" towards finishing the project. I really do not want to get to the pure art area, so I will mainly try to make things work. Also, I am making use of free assets from the Unity Asset store as much as possible. There is quite a lot of useful stuff there, to say the least. I will also include two videos in this post, one "funny" and one serious. In the funny we see the player rotate when you move the mouse.

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