måndag 13 januari 2020

Clean Code

There is a book called Clean Code by Robert Martin. I have yet to read this book, even though I bought it. Instead, I have watched half (so far) of the video series related to the book. These videos ought to be available through his website cleancoders.com, but I can watch them for free via my school library, which is what I do.

These videos are some of the best that I have ever seen (YouTube included) about programming and practices. However, it gets awkward that he includes his family members into the videos. He mentions ways to make code more readable and thereby maintainable. He advocates for test driven development. All these tips are useful in some sense, but it's not like one must follow these practices or die, even if the videos give an impression of that. Yes - there is a shiny dagger coming up occasionally. Watching videos has always been a much more effective means for learning to me compared to books. I guess I just can't keep my concentration for very long if the subject is boring or written academically.

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