torsdag 16 januari 2020


I would want to start out a game project using Unity, but there are some things I should figure out before I start. Similarly, for the same reason that you don't start building a house without planning. I am considering creating a player-vs-monster game, like GunZ. However, this would mainly be an offline game with the option to invite friends via LAN or port forwarding on a public IP. Luckily network is way easier to handle in C# than C++. Not that I have tons of experience with that. I suppose the first step to get a solid foundation for this game is to write down use-cases. These would be use-cases for human players by which the game should fulfill to be a proper game. Today I will probably do at least that, write down what possibilities the game should have. After that I could sketch up some UML-diagrams for the overall code design based on what the game design is to be. Making a 3D game in general requires some work. I believe the most boring part to me would be to design the game level worlds and unit visuals, not to mention the animations for all character movements. This can be done simple for starters, as they don't are necessary for the game to work in a logical sense. That said, it is highly desirable to have great art and great animations in a game that people will want to play.

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