onsdag 15 januari 2020

Game review: GunZ

GunZ no longer exists but was an online multiplayer shooter game. It had various game modes, such as player-vs-player or player-vs-monster. You could level up and buy weapons & armor. While the player-vs-player mode was fun in its own way, this blog post will focus on the player-vs-monster aspect of this forgotten game.

First off, I would recommend this game if it still existed, although it is quite old. The player vs monster mode was fun as it allowed you to get valuable items and level up. The best way to level up way probably from player vs player games, but I eventually found this other game mode simply more fun.

So, a group of players join a game and then waves of monsters appear. Each game is split into a set of levels with different maps and monsters. The last map(s) always ends with a final boss monster to kill. Once a game is done there is a chance of getting unique items or quest items. Quest items can be used to unlock new and more difficult maps. These harder maps require you to burn the quest items that can be found for some levels. Only one player can get a quest item when a game is over. It just so happens that sometimes these players won’t share the quest items even if they get them, which may cause some frustration. You see, some quest items are very rare. But also, these related maps are usually very difficult, so you will want to have high levelled and skilled players on your team. That, or a hacker on your team.

I found these games to have a high rate of replayability. Which is a bit silly since the AI was kind of simple. Most monsters just chase you around, while you yourself needs to keep in mind to always move. You can either shoot enemies or use a sword. A sword will save some bullets but using guns makes it less likely that you lose HP. The way that the players can move in the game makes it extra fun. Some moves, such as flying by using the sword close to walls was probably not intended to be a feature in the game, but it made it more fun. In total, they really did a good job in making the player character move in a fun and interactive manner. Perhaps the art-work also helped a lot with making the questing fun. The monsters and their surroundings just clicked with a Tomb-Raider style game. Being able to complete these levels with other people just made it all a great experience.

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