måndag 20 januari 2020

Caffeine & Productivity

I believe that caffeine does not help me be a more productive programmer. 90% of the time I find it hard to keep focused coding if I have had 60+ mg of caffeine the same day. Contradictory, I do feel like I can understand or learn things better when having caffeine. To sum up from these thoughts I should not have coffee on days that I spend developing but have coffee if I try to learn something complicated. To be fair, I think I could do fine not having caffeine ever, which is also how I have spent most of my life. Unless if you count the small fragments of caffeine that exists in coke, then I have been a caffeine consumer longer. As for the game that I'm working on, I have made some progress. I think that I will need to focus on taking as many shortcuts as possible. If I don't take shortcuts the game will never be finished, and it's as simple as that. Todays work will be spent on working on the state-machine for player actions. After that is finished, some simple animations when moving will be necessary to convince anyone that there actually have been any progress made. Furthermore, attacks with swords or gun(s) will be made possible. This will be apparent from having gunshot marks where bullets land.

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