söndag 3 december 2017

Game review: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

So, I have been playing Before the Storm deluxe edition on my brand-new Xbox One X. Is it better than the first game “Life is Strange”? I would not say so. Its not as comical for starters and it supposedly only have 3 episodes, not counting the bonus episode that you get from the deluxe version. In this game you play as Chloe Price, who has a new voice actor in this game doing the talking. Even though I prefer Chloe’s old voice, the current one does a superb job as well. Chloe was in the first game, but more as a side-kick to Max, sort of. The first game “Life is Strange” is what happens after “Before the Storm”. In the first game Chloe has blue dyed hair, which has not happened so far in this prequel. She still has brown hair after that I finished episode 2. I wonder how and when she is going to dye it. She will probably do it in the last upcoming episode, 3, or, in the bonus episode. It’s really only a minor detail it would seem. But somehow, I have a keen sense that it will be an important part of the story when she dyes it. Of course, I could be wrong, one of the reasons she dyed it because of reading manga. But then again far from everyone that reads manga dyes their hair blue because of it. Why is this even interesting? I just happen to think so; the important parts of an investigation are the details after all.

This game isn’t that humorous, but, it has an interesting story. It is entertaining, sure. I mean it’s not like there are no jokes and no humor. It’s just that the humor is low level and kind of masked into the gameplay. For instance, assuming you made the choices I made, Chloe gets to perform on a theater stage. While you are preparing for the play in the dressing room you are supposed to read and memorize a script of what Chloe is going to say in the drama. The underlined funny part is that you can smoke weed before you go up on stage. At least I found that funny. In a real-world scenario that may not be so fun, which is understandable. Something else which is noticeable compared to the first game is that most choices seems somewhat meaningless. Most “crucial” choices don’t seem as severe as they do in the first game. However, that may be somewhat good considering that you can’t go back in time to change the stuff you do in this game. You can however if you want, go back to a previous checkpoint in the game in case it hasn’t automatically saved the game before you do so. Counting in all the elements this is a good game, despite my criticism mentioned here. There is a clearly outlined red thread that binds together the story well. And as always, I recommend playing these kinds of story games on a TV. Maybe I happened to recommend that because I’m used to playing computer games on a laptop. Laptops aren’t exactly game friendly by definition.