torsdag 1 juni 2017

One Post A Day

Okay, I have realised that if I am to have someone reading this blog I will need to make new posts continuously. So I have decided to try on the idea of writing at least one blog post per day. So make sure to check on to this blog pretty often from now on.

What am I doing now? As Ive said in an earlier post Im working on a platformer game mainly for PC, but I might port it to android if I managed to produce something playable. I think my biggest challange as for the moment is how to create a decent game engine. I plan to divide the game map into squares with the ratio 4:3. These squares will contain 20x20 pixel blocks, 15 from top to bottom and 20 from side to side. The game camera will be able to scroll the map from side to side by letting each "big map square" know which neighbours it has; up, down, left and right by using pointers. A map square will also contain a set of units belonging only to that square. That way I wont have to spend CPU time to process all the units in the game all the time, just those in the current square that the player is in and its neighbouring squares.

The challange however is to make a way to store information about each map square in a text file and to create an engine that will enable me to create fun maps and that lets me easily adjust which the neighboring maps are as well as if its a "dead end", AI unit positions, which the type of units are in the map and most importantly lets me create 20x20 pixel blocks that units can stand on top of, or if they are dangerous (like spikes) get killed by...

So thats it for now.

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