onsdag 31 maj 2017

New Website

I have started a new website called "Fullrune.com". On this website I intend to list new games that I have created. As for today I have only released two games which both are for Android. I plan to create a platformer game for PC which I am currently working on.

The first Android game is called "Nine Men's Morris" and is a classic boardgame. I have to be honest in that I didnt create it 100% by myself. The game was originally for an assignment in school that I did togheter with another person. However the game turned out to be okey enough for a real world-market release so eventually I got an Google Developer account and uploaded it. The stuff that I didnt work on in that game was the game logic.

The other Android game is called "Area Shifter". There is trailer for the game here. In the game you are supposed to transform as much area as possible by surrounding it with lines. The lines are created like in the classic game called "Snake" with the slight difference that the lines never go away unless you fail to cover an area. While you do that you must not collide with your unfinished lines and you must not collide with evil enemy balls or let them collide with your lines. I didnt come up with this game idea by myself; I played a game like this way back on a 90s (I think) cellphone. Ever since I havent seen a game like the one I played on the cellphone so I really wanted to bring it back for the world to see (and perhaps even make some money while doing so). Ironically I still think the pixely 90s version of "Area Shifter" is much better lol.

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