lördag 22 februari 2020

Connect 4 Forever

Okay so creating this Connect 4 game using SDL is taking way longer than I thought. However, it is starting to come together. I realize that my C# .DLL game logic file is not that flexible. What I want to do in the game is to point and click with the mouse to select pieces to drop. The DLL is quite adapted to accept input from the console, but it is possible to use it in a way that don't require the console. Using the console helps when testing out the code, but for exporting the functionality, it is not good to require any console input at all ever. I also realized that exporting the client/server functionality may be even more complicated. For these reasons, it may be possible that I just finish off the single player aspect or playing on the same computer aspect. As I have other things to achieve, and this board game may not be that useful honestly speaking.

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