söndag 29 april 2018

Game review: Mario Party

So many sequels to this game. The biggest number for a sequel they’ve used for this game is 10. In other words, there are 10 Mario Party games. There is also a 3Ds Mario party game which do not have a number to it. I have not played all the sequels, although a few of them. I have played the game on N64 and GameCube. It is a great game for multiplayer and it also works for single player. By multiplayer I mean local multiplayer without internet, because as far as I have seen there is no internet options for GameCube or N64. The AI is stupid so playing at the hardest difficulty is really easy for all mini-games that do not depend on chance. If a mini-game is run by chance an AI on the hardest difficulty will have a big advantage (suspiciously).

An important part of Mario Party consists of playing so called "mini-games". The minigames can be divided into different gametypes. In each Mario Party game there are 4 players, each player can either be a human or an AI. There are “4-playe” games where all players battle against one another. “1-vs-3” games, where 1 player is playing alone against 3 other player who may or may not be teaming (most often they are a team). There is a crane game for instance where the lone player may try to grab one of the other players in order to steal their money. “2-vs-2” games is another type where two teams play a minigame against each other. Most often when there’s a “2-vs-2” game the screen is split up into two sections, one left and one right. If you play in solo-mode, there may be “1-player” games as well.

During the game instance you roll a dice and walk as many steps as the dice shows. The dice does not seem to be entirely random, so if you jump at the right time you may influence what number you roll. There are various spots you can end up on. Some spots are special, some are bad but most are entirely “normal”. By normal I mean nothing interesting happens. Normal spots are blue, another “normal” spot is red, but if you land on it you lose a little bit of money. Players that end up on a blue spot are assigned the blue color and players that end up on a red spot, the red color. When a turn ends the players always play some sort of minigame, and the division of colors among the players helps decide if the minigame is to be “4-player”, “1-vs-3” or a “2-vs2” game. The game map is like a board; however, this board may change in-between turns. Players can buy or in other ways retrieve special items. For example, traps may be used on the board to sabotage for other players. Other special items may be special dices or teleporters used for swapping location with other players.

What I liked the most about this game that it was really fun to play with other people. It is fun as well to play with just the AIs, but the best scenario is with other people. The game is interesting throughout the game and by the end there tends to be some sort of cliffhanger of who will win. The game intensifies by the end by giving the worst standing player extra bonuses and adding extra risks and other fun stuffs.

söndag 3 december 2017

Game review: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

So, I have been playing Before the Storm deluxe edition on my brand-new Xbox One X. Is it better than the first game “Life is Strange”? I would not say so. Its not as comical for starters and it supposedly only have 3 episodes, not counting the bonus episode that you get from the deluxe version. In this game you play as Chloe Price, who has a new voice actor in this game doing the talking. Even though I prefer Chloe’s old voice, the current one does a superb job as well. Chloe was in the first game, but more as a side-kick to Max, sort of. The first game “Life is Strange” is what happens after “Before the Storm”. In the first game Chloe has blue dyed hair, which has not happened so far in this prequel. She still has brown hair after that I finished episode 2. I wonder how and when she is going to dye it. She will probably do it in the last upcoming episode, 3, or, in the bonus episode. It’s really only a minor detail it would seem. But somehow, I have a keen sense that it will be an important part of the story when she dyes it. Of course, I could be wrong, one of the reasons she dyed it because of reading manga. But then again far from everyone that reads manga dyes their hair blue because of it. Why is this even interesting? I just happen to think so; the important parts of an investigation are the details after all.

This game isn’t that humorous, but, it has an interesting story. It is entertaining, sure. I mean it’s not like there are no jokes and no humor. It’s just that the humor is low level and kind of masked into the gameplay. For instance, assuming you made the choices I made, Chloe gets to perform on a theater stage. While you are preparing for the play in the dressing room you are supposed to read and memorize a script of what Chloe is going to say in the drama. The underlined funny part is that you can smoke weed before you go up on stage. At least I found that funny. In a real-world scenario that may not be so fun, which is understandable. Something else which is noticeable compared to the first game is that most choices seems somewhat meaningless. Most “crucial” choices don’t seem as severe as they do in the first game. However, that may be somewhat good considering that you can’t go back in time to change the stuff you do in this game. You can however if you want, go back to a previous checkpoint in the game in case it hasn’t automatically saved the game before you do so. Counting in all the elements this is a good game, despite my criticism mentioned here. There is a clearly outlined red thread that binds together the story well. And as always, I recommend playing these kinds of story games on a TV. Maybe I happened to recommend that because I’m used to playing computer games on a laptop. Laptops aren’t exactly game friendly by definition.

måndag 16 oktober 2017

Game review: F-Zero

I played this game, and managed to beat it when I was a kid. My bro had a SNES which I could play it on. On those days tube tv’s was still in use and no such thing as flat existed. The first thing you hear when playing this game is the epic main menu 16-bit music theme. Now why is this game great? You get to choose a futuristic racing car and see its stats on a chart. The chart animates the cars top speed as well as acceleration on it. Science on an old-school racing game, wow.

The game itself is fun to play with both varying maps as well as music. Some games even today insist on playing the same melody over and over, but already back then they understood the importance of music in games. The game levels gradually increase in difficulty as you beat them. This provides you with a challenge that you can beat. Personally, I don’t like no-challenge games. If a game is not challenging it is usually not good. Something that the game sort of requires unless you go with the car with the highest top-speed is that you must on a level use a “boost” to fly over an obstacle to beat the track. You only have a certain amount of lives and if they run out you loose and have to re-play everything. This “boost” is not easy to know about and you must discover how to use it yourself unless you are able to have and read a manual, in English, while not being English or maybe not even able to read to begin with. ¯\_()_/¯. Since I didn’t know about the “booster” thingy until some time, I had no option but to beat the game with the only ship that could jump over the super long obstacle without using a boost. However, this pink ship also has a low acceleration speed, but really, the top-speed makes up for that anyways. In my opinion the low acceleration super top-speed pink ship might be the best ship anyways. My first favorite space ship was the yellow one though, maybe because of its many “rockets” on its back. It also has the highest acceleration which is cool.

The levels in the game are well planned and made, the AI is the AI (it works), the game is challenging (many obstacles that can damage you, even bumping into enemy AI can damage you). Different race tracks with in-racing line options while racing (different paths to take). Cool animations and sound effects. I am planning to make a game like F-Zero, maybe not as good music-wise, but, probably good fun-wise.

And if you wonder how a SNES looks like, here it is: 

lördag 7 oktober 2017

Half Robot on MS store

So as I have mentioning in earlier posts, here and here, I have worked on a platformer PC game. Just recently I released it which can be found at the Microsoft store here: https://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/store/p/half-robot/9p93l2bhq7jx

The game is sort of similiar to MegaMan 1. Some differences are that my game is much shorter, has less monsters and much less content in general than the original game. But... it is still worth trying out the game. (You can try it for free for 24 hours). Its worth trying out because its pretty challanging. Its not like the everyday buy to win or spam commercials games. In fact its actually addictive I've been told. So go ahead and download it now if you have windows 10. Microsoft has already made sure that it doesnt contain any viruses.

måndag 7 augusti 2017

Game review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This game is a merge of two game series, Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. It’s a sort of collaboration where puzzles and exploration is made like in the Layton games and evidence gathering and court trials are held like in the Ace Attorney games. The two companies who made the game, Level-5 and Capcom chose to bring in their own main game characters. You get to play as Professor Layton and some kid companion of his and Phoenix Wright together who is paired up with a female companion. The female companion is also somewhat young, but not a kid. Shortly into the game everyone is transported into a medieval world full of magic and witches. Normally in Ace Attorney you get to have trials in a world where stuff like fingerprints and normal criminal forensics exists. In this game however, people are reasoning like if they lived in the 13th century and magic existed. This leads to the fact that you get to be the defense attorney for witches. And when you argue in court you need to reason given certain spells and such things. So, you get to use logic in a world where supposedly ‘magic’ can cause stuff to happen. On the professor’s side, you get to solve cool puzzles. I think the game may be a bit too easy on people not being able to solve the puzzles. You can namely spend coins to unlock hints for the puzzles. As far as I can remember the puzzles were fine in the game. It’s a bit ridiculous that the assistant to the Professor has such a friendly personality. You keep hearing 24/7 in the game that the assistant is a “gentleman in training”. Supposedly that should mean that he is not a gentleman, but trying to be? If not, then why would he be training, unless it means that most people besides him are not a gentleman and he is just boasting nonstop. But you get used to that nonsense as you play the game. When you have played a few hours, and heard the sentence “a gentleman in training” a thousand times your brain will finally go with it and not care.

Should you get this game? Yes. It is very funny, challenging, easy if you use hints and it has an interesting story/plot. Do not read YouTube comments or whatever for this game, or else someone will probably spoil the story. The catch is that you need a Nintendo 3DS or DS to play it. I borrowed a 3DS, and I also borrowed the game. I should consider getting a 3DS if they are to make a sequel or if I’m going to play one of the new Ace Attorney games. Is this game worth getting a 3DS for? I guess it might be if you have cash. You could just sell the 3DS when you’re finished with the game…

In the courtroom, the judge believes in magic and have no clue about modern forensic evidence like fingerprints. But he is possible to persuade using rational thought and logic. Even if the evidence is 100% based on magic spells and magical wands. As long as there are rules, the rules can be used to come to conclusions and prove which conclusions are correct. The witnesses are goofy and whatnot. They will lie and cheat, so it is your job to make that clear for everyone. In fact, you will see many suspicious characters everywhere in this game which is something to take note of. This game is one of the reasons, or perhaps the main reason, that I also recently bought “Layton’s Mystery Journey” that I also blogged about. I haven’t really played that game a lot yet, but I felt that the puzzles in this game “Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney” had better and more challenging puzzles overall. But yeah, the mix of puzzles and court trials in a magical world was top notch. Get this game.

söndag 6 augusti 2017

Game review: Lifeline (recycling old post)

A long time ago I made a post on another blog called the boring blog. I haven’t really made many posts at all on that blog. I did make one game review however that I would like to recycle by copy-pasting it into this blog. It is written in a bit of a jokingly manner so read with caution:

Ok so this page is about gaming ON. A. PHONE.

The evolution of gaming has really taken a turn for the worse! awesome. However, every week Apple launches a "free app of the week" and sometimes that free app is a fun game... or a terrible children’s app with no imagination.

The latest free app of the week I got was called "Lifeline" and is a story (visual novel) game where you get to make binary choices from time to time, but instead of having a yes or no button there is sentences on the buttons instead of just "yes" and "no". It seems to be written by someone either pretending to be young or really is young. The character in the game is called "Taylor". Taylor is stranded on a moon in outer space. He was a student that won a lottery ticket and got to board some random spaceship that later on crashed on a moon. That pretty much sums up the introduction of the story line.

So in this game you make yes or no.... err I mean complex decisions that affects whether or not Taylor finds a way out of the moon and other moral issues. I died on my first try, and I slayed one of the people you had an opportunity to save (by accident of course). My impression of the game was that you run into various obstacles and then Taylor starts to whine about how difficult it is, that he can’t do it, its physically impossible etc. and you have to press the "do it anyway" button a hundred times. If you DONT press the right button one hundred times it only takes on click for Taylor to do something else. This was kind of an issue for me at first because I didn’t fully realize this, but when I did the game got a bit easier. And Taylors anxiety is very contagious. There are even some attempts to break the 4th wall in the game but not very successful ones imo. The game was quite good overall although a not very professionally written story, however the user interface was excellently, sorry if that isn’t a real word, made. What I really think made it look space-ish was that there’s like a graphically constructed glass overlay above the text so it looks like you’re looking at a monitor on a spaceship. I give this game 4 out of 5. I even got myself the sequel called "Silent Night" for approx. 1 dollar. The original game is better though. The game is unfortunately no longer free but it was sort of fun so I recommend getting it.

Game review: Layton’s Mystery Journey

I recently started playing Layton’s Mystery Journey due to having a positive experience of another game that partially included the same game concept. That game was called "Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". I may do a review of that other game soon. I have just begun playing this game and is far from finished playing it. In the game, you get to have some form of case given to you and your agency that you are to solve. As far as I have experienced it yet, you don’t really need to do anything but talking to people and travel to destinations pointed out for you on a minimap and the game eventually tells you that the case is solved. So not much problem solving in that perspective but that’s not why I bought the game. Btw I got the game for iOS. Furthermore, the game is childish, or at least kid-friendly. The game has mentioned a murder at one point so it being children-friendly or not depends on how sensitive you are. The game is rated age 4+. The game universe takes place in a jolly good ol’ place called London where everyone is really friendly. Just like in real life, friendly and outgoing Londoners, right? Not that I have ever been to London, but I can imagen that it may not be like that in real life. It being kid-friendly is somewhat part of the game concept I would guess however. Another thing I noticed playing on the phone is that conversation text is a bit small, I would like the text font to be bigger. It is readable but still a bit of a nuisance. Besides just having a too small text font it gets worse by the fact that the story is so far from action oriented you can get. No explosions or horrors or anything thrilling at all. So, in my view the reading conversations and following up with the story is not all that interesting in my view. Probably a very subjective thing if you like a story or not. The reason I got this game is because that this game has something surprisingly no other game tends to focus on. This game has puzzles, well-made ones, that required thinking to be solved. Some of the times at least, absolutely not always… Sometimes the ‘puzzle’ blurs into being a riddle perhaps.

What I can say about the puzzles in this particular game is that they have been OKish. Most puzzles have been way too easy to solve. This may be due to the fact that this game isn’t for adults? Some puzzles are harder though. What annoys me is that sometimes I get the impression that the answer to a puzzle is wrong, or that the instructions for a puzzle lack information or explains it wrongly. To give an example, one small puzzle with two options went like this: “Which path should you choose given this road sign if you want to avoid traffic? One path is always busy so everyone taking this road choses the quiet path. Chose the quiet or the busy path.”. My reasoning for solving this riddle was that given the instructions the busy path is always busy. We do not know how many other cars go through the path we are currently at besides us. Given the instructions we know that one path is always busy, and the other path may have a chance of being quiet. Therefore, I reasoned that the quiet path had the highest (or only chance) of actually being quiet. The answer was that you can never rely on an old road-sign to tell you if a path is busy or not. Then it also said that everyone chose the quiet path so it would be very busy and no one would take the busy path so it would be free of traffic because of it. I could comment on many things here, but what annoyed me is that I got the impression that the instructions implied or said that the busy path was always busy and not that the “old” road sign said it. Also, while choosing an option to submit as a result, there was a picture of the “old” road sign. All that was on the picture was a sign with two arrows with the names of the given paths. I have learned in this game to never trust the images. The images are very misleading and have made me try to reason given what I have seen being displayed on the image of a puzzle. On another occasion, the artwork for a puzzle showed digital numbers. So, I thought that I was to solve the puzzle given the numbers being showed on the image. It was later that I discovered that the digital numbers being displayed on the image were supposed to be “off”, i.e. not showing. When the puzzle was solved another image was showed with the digital numbers being lit as if the machines having the digital numbers were “on”. I must be honest though. If I had been smarter and understood the instructions better I could have arrived at the correct result by myself. You can spend “coins” in the game to use hints to help you solve a puzzle. After using many hints, I managed to solve this puzzle. The puzzle was good, it’s just that I was misled by the image and didn’t understand the problem sufficiently.

I guess the game is OK in general. Maybe a bit too happy and not so problem filled so far for my taste. Something that I haven’t mentioned that this game also has showed some anime clips that also were a bit long. Anime clips being long in a game is good in my opinion. Usually I have found them to be very short. There’s also tons of artwork in this game if you like that. They have focused on making pretty drawings. The characters in game are ugly/goofy or childish though. The puzzles are okay but sometimes a bit too easy.